Homebuyer Assistance Programs


Save Money

Thousands of dollars potentially lost

Have you ever came home from a store, then pull up to check your mail, and sitting on top is a coupon for 10 dollars off the exact store you just came from?  Now imagine doing the same, but after purchasing your home you find out that there are over 2200 Homebuyer Assistance Programs in the US that could help you save thousands on that purchase.   In a recent survey by NeighborWorks America, 70% of homebuyers do not even know these programs exist.   It is pretty gut wrenching to think about being able to save around 10,000 dollars to possibly even 30,000 dollars on the purchase of your home, but not even knowing that is an option.   The Assistance programs are available to first time homebuyers, people who work in certain professions, buyers with modest incomes, veterans, people who purchase certain types of properties, as well as other situations. Many of these programs reduce the amount of your downpayment, lower your closing costs, or provide a lower interest rate than you could otherwise get.  You can visit txhomeprograms.org to check out some of the assistance programs, or you contact me to find out more information about the various programs available in your area.