Do the chickens come with it?

eggsBackyard agriculture and Urban farming are becoming popular as  more and more people view growing food and tending to food-producing trees and plants a benefit.  Raised garden beds and soil that has yielded years of healthy tomatoes and cucumbers may have been seen as a nuisance to past home buyers, and sellers may have even taken out a garden to add more grass to help sell the home.  Now, more and more people are turning to local farmers markets, local farms, and their own backyards to feed their family.  Oklahoma, Louisiana, and North Carolina are among the most recent states to introduce incentive type programs for pursuing backyard food production.  Today’s chicken coop could become yesterday’s solar panel.   So, if you are enjoying your backyard space by raising chickens or tending to garden beds… keep up the maintenance on it … because there is a growing niche of people who may be more than excited to buy your home (should you ever want to sell).

Here is an article talking about our own Houston Urban Farming: