Curb Appeal in the Winter

Curb Appeal during the Winter Season

Selling a home during the winter months can be a positive for a seller, believe it or not.  With decreased competition from the summer selling season, your house can be in the limelight!  But how can you get your home looking magnificent from the outside during the winter season when flowers aren’t your best friend.   Here are a few ways to set your home apart from the others during those cold months:

  • Removepine-needles-1513438 Debris such as pine needles off of the roof and flowerbeds, and pick up stray limbs and fallen leaves from the yard. Debris can leave a house looking less than ideal.  Your rake will be your best friend while keeping your home tidy during pine needle season!!!!


  • Make sure your home has sufficient outdoor lighting! Since the winter months accompany shorter days … most likely buyers will be looking at your home in the dark.  Lights will make your home look great, as well as add a sense of security.


  • Add color!!!! A wreath with color or even a painted door can help your home stand out when color isn’t sprouting from your flower beds.   Also, color can be attained by planting winter shrubs (juniper, winter jasmine, camellia, and boxwood evergreen shrubs) in colorful pots.  Porch furniture with cushions that pop with color can also help your home in the dreary wYour-Southern-Peach-Patio-Style-Challenge-4inter!






  • Pressure Wash the outside of your home to make sure the paint is looking fresh! Also, scrub the windows and make them shine!
  • Make sure the trees and bushes are trimmed.
  • New House numbers can also spruce up the curb appeal of your home!


  • Don’t forget to make sure your mailbox is in tip top shape as well.
  • Embellish your yard during winter with a lantern, statue, or small fountain!


Don’t let curb appeal slip if you are selling in the winter!  It’s one of the best returns of your investment when preparing your home for sale, and most importantly it’s how you get the buyers into the home to look at it!  Let me know if you have any other questions on how you can get your home ready for the market by emailing me at or call me at 281-450-5613.